Ballero flash game

game balleroBallero
Flash game Ballero.
Shoot the balls in the ring and try to connect 3 of more balls of the same color by getting them as close to each other.
— 3 red balls are connected and they will be destroyed!
— 3 green balls are too far to be connected.
— yellow ball is waiting for the next shot
How to play:
1) Move your mouse around the current ball to select its direction.
2) Press the left mouse button and hold it down to define the ball power.
3) Release the left mouse button to shoot the ball.
4) Let’s hope your shot is good enough to make 3 or more balls of the same color connected. Getting points:
— more balls connected at once — you get more points
— 2000 bonus points for level completion
— 50 penalty points for each ball in the ring after level completion
If the number of the balls in the ring is greater than a given maximum of the balls for the current level then game is over!

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