Jump gear

Jump gear flash gameJump gear
Flash game Jump gear. Reach as many checkpoints as possible and earn as many points as possible. Each checkpoint must be reached in limited time. Score, Grab the bonus stars. Perform flips, backflips or long jumps, and stay stable during 2 seconds after the landing. Reach the checkpoints with as much remaining bonus time as possible. Keep an eye on the top-right count down, when it becomes red and BIG, it means that you are late.When the time runs out you can’t accelerate anymore but you still have 5 seconds to reach the next checkpoint by using the jumps and your remaining speed.When you are trapped in a bubble, press the spacebar as many times as possible to escape quicker.When you catch the wing power up, press the up arrow to fly forward. To avoid cheaters, you can only save your score if you are a registered member of pepere.org. Register before achieving an unbelievable score.


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